About Boutwell Steel company

Who We Are

Boutwell Steel Company is an industry leader creating a new platform that gives clients the ability to source solutions for steel and fabricated metal products.  We have streamlined the process, making it easier than ever for our clients to order steel, and get it processed, fabricated, and delivered on-site with low cost and fast lead times.  We Offer Steel Sales, Contract Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, and Welding.  We provide CNC Plasma Cutting, Press Brake, Plate Rolling, Tube Bending, radius rolling, Hole & Slot Punching, Design, and Consulting.

Why Boutwell Steel

Boutwell Steel Company creates High quality fabricated metal products, Fastest to Market, Low Cost, and High production. We remove the middleman by sourcing our own steel directly from the mill, providing in-house fabrication, metal processing, and custom welding.

Our Mission

Our mission at Boutwell Steel is to create a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to each client. We strive to be a solution-driven resource for companies and consumers navigating the steel industry. We will provide the resources and knowledge to help achieve your goals while making a seamless transition to outsourcing metal products, steel, custom fabrication, metal processing, and welding. We will help you cut costs and increase efficiency. Our goal is to provide solutions for every client. We are proud to be an American company bringing metal fabrication and manufacturing jobs to Austin, Texas.

Our Motto

“Be Different, Strive for the Best, & Create Significance.”

Be Different

“Being Different” means keeping our company focused on individualism. Not becoming consumed in politics or the operations of being a large corporate conglomerate. We fight for our employees and customers to remain who they are, to be leaders, and to stray from the pack. Individualism gives us the freedom to be who we are and create something different.

Strive for the Best

We strive for the best. We will be better than yesterday and faithfully work towards being better tomorrow. We are proud to be building our Brand in the USA. Every day is an opportunity to strive for more.

Create Significance

We believe in creating significance by helping our clients build their businesses and creating value as an unparalleled resource. We believe in clients first and provide resources for every spectrum. We are building our brand to support our employees and make a difference in their lives by giving them the opportunity for growth and success. Our roots are based on blue-collar work. Blue Collar workers are the heartbeat of America. It is with our clients’ support that we can create significance in the lives of blue-collar workers, providing them with the tools for success.